Jeremiah 2:1-3 – Memory Lane

Read Jeremiah 2:1-3

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Taking a stroll down memory lane can be refreshing. Especially when we tap into our family of faith memories. Scripture passages abound where you’ll find characters quoting another Scripture verse. Jesus was particularly good at that and would often update or fulfill that very Scripture.

Jeremiah shows us how God used that very recollection of happier times to remind people of his great achievement and provision for their loved ones. That’s a great strategy for us today, especially if we’re about to deliver some unwanted or unexpected news.

I suppose it’s almost like God was “softening up” the people so that they were paying attention. If we look at other Biblical texts involving this same time period, we know that God’s people were scattered and devoted to images of foreign gods rather than the true God. God’s people were truly being disobedient, and they didn’t seem to care or take notice that something was seriously missing in their lives.

They were perhaps like people today who are far from God. Today we see an epidemic of people trying everything under the sun to bring them happiness. What they are really looking for is joy because happiness fades. Joy is everlasting, and my source for that is Jesus.

If you were to walk down the memory lane of your faith journey so far, what sights do you see? Do you remember Sunday School as a child? I have vivid memories of what the “play dough” smelled like. It was “homemade” but it sure smelled good.

I know my early memories should be about Bible stories and not play dough. I have plenty of memories of felt board storytelling, especially the stories from Genesis! Noah was always a favorite!

When we have a positive energy flowing through our body (I like to think of that as the fire of the Holy Spirit), we are more likely to pay attention and get things done. . A positive energy could simply be endorphins after a good work out. We need the Holy Spirit! The words of God that Jeremiah spoke reminded them of God’s victory. This God was to be honored and praised.

One might ask the question, “What happened?” God’s people used to adore him. Something must have come between them. It did and it does today. Evil. Temptation. Sin. It’s a slippery slope, so beware!

God’s cry to the people was to get their attention and prepare them to hear the “real” message. God wanted his people to return to him. God also wanted his people to know that if they remained where they were, there would be destruction.

What does this passage say to you and your heart? Can you recall a time in your life when you were more “on fire” for Jesus than you are now? What happened? Is it time to draw closer to Jesus and rely on him?

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Let’s pray … Father God, it’s sometimes hard to stay focused on you with the challenges of each day. Thank you for this reminder to always give you my best and shine brightly for you no matter what. Thank you for how you meet me where I am and take my burdens onto yourself. Help me to show others your mercy, and may my life reflect you and your provision. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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