Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I truly appreciate each and every one of you as loyal blog readers and as folks just visiting for the first time.  Easter is the PERFECT time to celebrate and have a special blog post.  Most of you know that I am walking through the psalms, and every so often make a diversion to another book of the Bible.  Today will be a little different.  We’ll have a couple readings because today is JUST THAT SPECIAL!

Easter – when we celebrate being Christians! Jesus died for us, and we remember the empty tomb. He is ALIVE! Let’s start with the story from Matthew’s account.

Read Matthew 28:1-10.

I’ve always liked the different versions of the resurrection (same theme–Jesus is alive!) because different people will tell the same story differently, from their own perspective.  Matthew is one of my favorites because it focuses on the women closest to Jesus, and being a woman, that makes it especially special.

I can almost imagine being there with them, going to take care of things. I can identify with deep sadness at the death of a loved one. Isn’t it great that God uses angels to help with the message? It’s just another example of how God works in our midst! And then, they get to see Jesus and fall at his feet! I think I would have done exactly the same thing. Imagine the relief and joy. Imagine the overflowing love and devotion. Jesus wasn’t dead! We, too, have that joy! Jesus is alive!

My challenge to you is to hold on to this Easter faith all year long. Don’t let the trappings of the world crowd your head and make you forget. That’s the evil one you know. He doesn’t want us to remember, he wants us to have pain and suffering. Don’t let it take a stronghold, cling to your Easter faith and the Savior of the world is yours!

We have an inheritance. Read 1 Peter 1:3-4.  We have hope. We have Jesus forever.

Are you a follower of Christ? Are you seeking the truth? We all come with our own backgrounds and belief systems. I can say that for myself I have chosen Jesus and his healing and redemptive power in my life. I have chosen to walk in faith, knowing in my heart and confessing with my mouth that Jesus is LORD! He is my Lord.

We should all have the hunger we see in one of my favorite passages from the book of Philippians. Read Philippians 3:10-12. We have our marching orders for taking the joy of today into tomorrow. We want to know Jesus more intimately, we are ready to suffer in his name, and I’m going to do what it takes to be more and more like Jesus. How about you–how are you going to keep the Easter faith on fire?

Let’s pray. Father, Son and Holy Spirit I thank you for the cross, grave, and tomb and all that was accomplished for me. Keep me close to you each day so that I can truly be on fire for you. I want to grow closer each day and take on more and more of you. Cleanse me of me so that you can shine through! In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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