Exodus 34:1-35 – New Tablets

Read Exodus 34:1-35

I had to chuckle with God’s first instruction to Moses. He recognized that Moses had “smashed” the first stone tablets God had written on to give the people his law. I’m not sure what kind of a job “chiseling” new tablets would be, but I’m sure it wasn’t as simple as grabbing a new piece of paper. Moses had a bit of a task to be prepared for his next visit with God.

Moses was truly blessed to have been allowed into the presence of God. To be surrounded by God’s glorious presence was quite an honor. I loved how God described himself in those verses: full of compassion and mercy, slow to anger, filled with unfailing love and faithfulness. It wasn’t just for those folks, it was for a thousand generations! God would forgive but not excuse the guilty.

I found that interesting. We are forgiven when we repent. Those who stay stuck in their sin without remorse are guilty and there is no redemption. So what happens when we don’t know any better? What if we are sinning and don’t know it? I don’t think that counts, but then that’s up to God, isn’t it?

What I did struggle with is the part about our parent’s sins. Think of all the innocent children who have been cursed by their parents’ bad behaviors. We do see a lot of repeat offenses from generation to generation. Maybe that’s why. It is possible to break free. We can be cleansed. God had to send his son to take care of that for us.

Did you recognize what God was putting on the new tablets? Since he had a “do-over,” it seems he added more detail. After all, these rebellious people seemed to need more direction to stay on track. So the new tablets have the 10 commandments and then some. This was God’s will for us put in writing. Detail can be good in helping us know what to do.

When Moses returned to the people, his appearance had changed. His face was radiant. After spending 40 days and 40 nights in the presence of God’s glory, it’s no surprise Moses was changed. We, too, can be changed when we spend time in God’s presence. I have often been told I am glowing when the Spirit is working through me. Spending time with God will surely transform us, too.

The whole veil covering practice was also a little odd to me. I suppose the people were more comfortable when not seeing Moses’ radiant face. But the veil would have been a little off-putting to me. Seeing God’s love and glory displayed would be much more of an inspiration to me. What about you?

For more reading on glory and Moses’ veil, read from 2 Corinthians 3 HERE.

Let’s pray. Lord, thank you for providing a second set of tablets. I also give you thanks for your faithfulness and patience with me. In my own way I have been rebellious and apart from you. To be in your presence and to know your path for me is exactly where I want to be. It feels so much better to be here than alone and searching. Use me Lord to help others who are feeling unsure and unworthy to realize they are loved by you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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