Esther 2:1-11 – Make a Good Impression

Read Esther 2:1-11

Today we meet Esther. She was of Jewish descent and cousin to Mordecai. Esther probably looked to him more as her guardian since he had taken care of her after her parents had died. Esther was one of the many women to be brought to the King as a replacement for his queen, Vashti, who had been banished because of her disobedience. Esther will keep her nationality and background quiet at the suggestion of Mordecai. Was it because he feared she be discriminated against? Or worse?

Whatever the case, Mordecai wanted Esther to make a good impression. We know when we are put in new situations, we want to do the same. You can only make a first impression once. It’s important to make it a good one. It’s like that in life and in business. We are always striving to be the best we can be to attract the right friends, business partners, success, happiness, etc.

We see that Esther was found to be special by Hegai, the king’s eunuch. Hegai would be familiar with the type of women the king preferred, and he saw those qualities in Esther. Esther was singled out from the beginning and given things the others girls were not. We hear of a beauty treatment, her own maids, and a special place in the harem.

More importantly, God allowed Esther to be placed in the king’s harem. How was he going to use her? We’ll wait to see as this story unfolds. We can apply this to our lives and see how God has allowed us to be where we are, surrounded by our circumstances. How are we going to show up? What kind of an impression do we make?

To please God, I would think we should present our best selves in all circumstances. Does that mean we dress for success and always appear to have it together? Maybe. But life gets messy, and sometimes seeing a face with no make up, baggy comfy clothes on a day off, etc. is exactly what will make us comfortable. That’s only what’s on the outside. Who we are on the inside is much more important. That’s what God looks at. I know I certainly want to give my best to God.

So what does God want to see in us? Devotion to him. Period. We can do that wearing a fancy party dress, a tuxedo, or our pajamas. God created us with no clothes on at all, so I’m pretty sure it isn’t about the clothes. When we can be our true authentic selves, 100% devoted to God and not the temptations of the world, that’s what makes for a good impression.

I’m ready for God to use me in mighty ways. I’m ready for the world to say, “Watch out, here she comes!” A fireball for the kingdom!

Let’s pray. Lord, you are so gracious and loving. Thank you for how you put up with me and all my crazy schemes. I want to please you and make a good impression. Beyond that, I want you to know my devotion and gratitude are great. You can see my heart. Cleanse my heart so I can be more like you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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