Acts 1:1-11 – And So It Continues

Read Acts 1:1-11

I’m super excited about walking through the Book of Acts together. Think of it as Luke Part Two. Our reading today bridges the two books together as we see a review of how Luke ended. Television shows often do that as a way of reminding the viewer of what happened last, so you can pick up where the story line left off.

We also learned that Jesus spent time over a 40 day period with his apostles between his death and ascension. These special times provided great preparation for the work they were being called to do. The concept of the Holy Spirit was still new to them and hard for them to grasp. It is still a challenge for us today toΒ  truly understand the work of the Holy Spirit. As we walk through the Book of Acts, I am hopeful we will all truly be filled with a new understanding of this great power that lives within us. Continue reading “Acts 1:1-11 – And So It Continues”