Luke 8:1-21 – Good Soil

Read Luke 8:1-21

There are several things going on in today’s reading. While my focus will be mainly on the parable, I wanted to also point out a couple other observations.

The reference to women following Jesus seems to be just sort of stuck in between things. But the message should be huge. In the culture and day, women were not allowed to learn from rabbis. Because Jesus welcomed them and allowed them in his close circle of followers, that shows all people are equal in God’s eyes. Women are still today asserting their strength and voice after feeling second class to men. We should all only worry about the most important relationship of all, with our Creator, Savior and Guide. If we hear and obey, we are all part of God’s family. Jesus offers us all an intimate relationship with him.

Did the “good soil” parable speak to you differently today? Jesus does a very good job of using this parable to separate the different people who hear his word. We have the “path” people, the “rock” people, the “thorn” people and the “good soil” people. Which one describes you the best? Continue reading “Luke 8:1-21 – Good Soil”

Luke 7:36-50 – Welcome

Read Luke 7:36-50

I always enjoy reading a Bible passage that I can picture happening. This is one of those stories. I found a reenactment that seems pretty accurate. You can watch it HERE.

We are all sinners, and here we see an example of how one so deep in their sin can be overcome with devotion and appreciation. It is only by God’s grace through our faith that we are saved. Those Pharisees in this story were not able to comprehend how Jesus could grant this forgiveness. We know, but we have the benefit of the Biblical account. They were the ones making history! Continue reading “Luke 7:36-50 – Welcome”

Luke 7:18-35 – God’s Way

Read John 7:18-35

Today’s reading was a bit perplexing to me. John knew who Jesus was. Or so I thought. They were related. So why was John sending his folks to Jesus to ask if he was the Messiah they had been waiting for?

John had spent his life in the wilderness, following God’s plan for him to prepare the way for the Messiah (for Jesus). It seems odd to me that he had to ask. Perhaps he was hearing stories about Jesus that weren’t entirely accurate. Maybe he had doubts and had to be sure. Continue reading “Luke 7:18-35 – God’s Way”

Luke 7:1-17 – Is My Faith Amazing?

Read Luke 7:1-17

We’ve got two stories today with similarities and differences.

Both have a miracle done by Jesus. Both miracles were done to help the less fortunate (a slave and a widow’s only son).

But the differences are many. In the first story Jesus was asked for healing, the second was initiated by Jesus out of his own compassion. One was sick and one was dead. One was done with Jesus present, the other by faith alone. Continue reading “Luke 7:1-17 – Is My Faith Amazing?”

Luke 6:43-49 – What’s in Your Heart?

Read Luke 6:43-49

Jesus’ own words, “What you say flows from what is in your heart.” He has been talking about good and bad trees, as well as good and evil people. We have all seen a bad apple. Can we assume it came from a bad tree and all of those apples were bad? If worms have infested one, they have likely taken over.

Here in Mexico, I’ve seen my share of ugly looking fruit. That was just the outside. You have no idea how delicious the fruit is on the inside. Probably the best fruit I’ve ever eaten. You would never find “ugly” fruit like that for sale in the United States in a grocery store produce department. Sad. How many times have we given up on someone because of their appearance? We have lost an opportunity for their inner beauty to radiantly shine. Continue reading “Luke 6:43-49 – What’s in Your Heart?”


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