1 Samuel 24:1-7 – Would You Have Killed Him?

Read 1 Samuel 24:1-7

cave entrance

It was like Saul was delivered to David on a silver platter. Yet David spared Saul’s life that day in the cave. Can you imagine the emotions that were coursing through David’s veins? His men were urging him to kill Saul. Surely God had made Saul vulnerable for David’s benefit, hadn’t he?

David’s restraint and wisdom was great. We can ponder all day how it was that David was able to get that close to the king without being detected. David didn’t waste the opportunity he was given. He chose to spare Saul’s life and cut off part of his robe instead. Accomplishing that without detection was quite a feat!

Do you think it was a test from God to see how David would respond? Was David going to act impulsively to save his own skin, or would he remain loyal to the king? Can you relate to a time when you were faced with a decision that had real life or death consequences?

We can often find ourselves in situations that stretch us to stay true to our faith and ideals. Our heads tell us what we “should” be doing, but our emotions can often lead us in an entirely different direction. David was able to stand firm that day and not take the easy way out.

What a display of true devotion and loyalty! Even the act of cutting the robe was leaving David feeling uneasy. “I shouldn’t attack the LORD’s anointed one, for the LORD himself has chosen him.” The Lord had indeed chosen Saul. (Refer back to Chapter 9.) David has always revealed a heart that honors God.

Look around your space today. What do you see? You are looking at God’s creation. All of it. Everything belongs to God. He has given us this life, including our surroundings, with the job of being a good steward. David respected the Saul’s appointment as king as coming from the LORD. How can you better respect what God has placed in your life?

praying hands looking up

Let’s pray …
Lord, thank you for all the beauty that surrounds me. I am in awe of the magnificence of your creation. Help me to be a better steward of all the blessings you have given me. May I respect others and be less focused on my own needs. Show me how I can serve today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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