Isaiah 15:1-16:14 – Moab’s Fate

Read Isaiah 15:1-16:14

Moab was a region to the east of the Dead Sea. I understand that the inhabitants there had a relative connection to the Israelites. Generations ago, Lot, the nephew of Abraham, had an incestuous relationship with his daughter. The result of that relationship was a son named Moab. There had been plenty of power plays with the Israelites over the years as their territories were in close proximity.

We see that God is still caring for his own to some degree by calling out a prophecy of what the fate is for that side of the family. It doesnโ€™t look good. There will be some Moabites who will be knocking on the doors of Israelites seeking refuge. We see that kind of behavior today. Groups of immigrants moving to other countries happens frequently as they seek asylum in other cultures.

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