Joshua 13:14-33 – What Would Moses Do?

Read Joshua 13:14-33

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I’m sure there were plenty of time when Joshua wondered, “what would Moses do? We can’t forget that God had already directed Moses on the land distribution plan for the tribes. When we remember what those who have gone before us have done, it can help us in finding our own way. In this case, however, God is the one in control. Joshua has clearly kept that in mind as he has waited for this moment. Now we’re starting with what we know. We know what Moses had already done.

There are really no surprises here. In the closing chapters of Deuteronomy, Moses received these messages from God. They are now being fulfilled. Of all the descendants, I often wonder what the Levites thought about not getting their own portion. But then my mind quickly shifts to the fact that God has chosen them for another, very important role—to be priests. I know from experience that priests and pastors live a little more humbly than others. There’s Biblical history for why that happens, along with the promise of other provisions, and to me that is comforting.

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