Micah 2:12-13 – A New Beginning

Read Micah 2:12-13

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Have you had the experience of reading a Bible passage, being completely certain the Holy Spirit gave you a message loud and clear, only to hear another’s viewpoint which is not at all the same? It’s like the Holy Spirit had a different message for them. Yet both messages seem relevant, even possible.

That just happened to me on this passage with my husband, David. You’ll recall he did his doctoral dissertation on the coherence of the Book of Micah, so I wasn’t surprised we may have had a different take. I was thrilled he shared with me several books from well-respected scholars displaying our respective messages. I had no idea Bible scholars had written such differing opinions so openly and with such authority. It was exhilarating! The Spirit inside me was overjoyed, too!

Scripture can speak to us in numerous ways but is never contrary to itself. It appears the layers of God’s word can be unfolded differently depending on how the Holy Spirit directs. This was a new awakening I had to share with you. But back to the text. I’m curious what you see in these few short verses.

For me, I saw an end times prophecy. Certainly, it could also apply to Micah’s first audience, and that made this passage extra special for me. The message is meant for all of us, especially us waiting for Jesus’ return. For those of us close to Jesus, this is welcome news, but for those who don’t know Jesus, devastating not to be part of the remnant.

The place Micah included this word seems strange, however. Why were these verses nestled amid the judgment oracles being shared? Some scholars suggest these verses belong later, in Chapter 4. Certainly, that makes a lot of sense. Yet wouldn’t these verses be a warning of judgment for people not sure if they’d be part of the remnant? The message for me remains the same no matter where the verse is located.

Jesus is going to return, and we need to be ready. We don’t want to find ourselves on the fringes of salvation because we aren’t true followers of Christ. I want to be part of the “remnant” that remains true to Jesus’ teaching despite what the evil one would like me to believe. For those far from God, there is no hope in these verses at all.

Micah’s oracle of salvation tells us the rescuing leader leading us into our new life is a king, “the LORD himself will guide.” That’s why it’s so important that we keep our eyes focused on Jesus, our king. He will show us the way to our new beginning.

Jesus is our Great Shepherd, and the reference in this passage to flocks triggered that image for me. Do you feel scattered from other believers? Jesus is the one who will bring us all back together. He has already started gathering us to himself.

Do you feel like you are in the minority when it comes to your devotion to Jesus? We may often find ourselves in a pagan environment, surrounded by people who try to tear down the church, question the Bible’s authority, and raise up other “idols.” Sadly, not everybody has figured out Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Our current phase in history is not a new phenomenon. It seems the Old Testament is speaking more loudly than ever. We can see by Micah’s warning who will have hope. Jesus is our rescue from this crazy world bringing us to our new beginning that will be grander than we can imagine. How are you resting in his truth today?

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Let’s pray. Lord, I am exhilarated by your word and thank you for how you speak to each one of us with the message you intend. Keep me among the faithful remnant which will be led by you, my king. Help me to keep my gaze on you and not get lost with the trappings of lies in this world. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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