Matthew 2:13-23 – Keep Jesus Safe

Read Matthew 2:13-23

God’s plan continues. We hear of at least three prophecies fulfilled in today’s reading. Two are geographical, that is, Jesus, the Son, being called up from Egypt and Jesus being referred to as a Nazarene. In both instances, Joseph was obedient to God’s leading and as a result, Jesus was safe. Joseph’s desire for righteousness continues. The third prophecy points to the evil heart of Herod which led to the brutal death of many young boys, and the cry from Ramah. Ramah is an ancient town not far from Bethlehem. In Genesis, we hear that Rachel was buried there. Her children, descendants now, would be the ones slaughtered by Herod’s men.

Senseless killing for what purpose? It’s hard to understand the actions of an insecure lunatic with power. Over the span of history, we have seen other bad kings, rulers, and leaders whose agendas were totally evil. I think of Hitler, for example.

God did provide an escape for Jesus just in time. Jesus had a purpose, and there was no way God was going to let him be killed. After having a life-threatening experience, many people often say, “God must not be finished with me yet.” That is certainly possible, and what a great way to think of it.

When we focus on our God-given mission and make sure we’re following through, that’s when it gets fun. I remember as a teenager writing in my journal time and again asking God “why am I here?” I’m probably not alone. Many teenagers, and even adults, often ask that question. We ponder the meaning of life. We want to know how we fit in.

No matter where you are on your own life journey, hopefully, it is also a faith journey. There is so much to see and experience in this life. There is so much beauty around us. I was just watching a hummingbird flit about our garden from hyacinth to hyacinth. Then, in an instant, it was gone. The beauty of nature continues to intrigue me even as an adult. There are always things we can see if we look around with eyes like our Father’s.

Let’s pray. Lord, help me to see the world with fresh eyes. Help me look beyond the ordinary. In all of creation, may I see your fingerprints. Help me know what you want for me to do today. Give me your eyes to see the needs. Give me an open heart willing to be your servant. May I grow deeper in my journey of faith. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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