Exodus 14:15-31 – Can You Believe What Just Happened?

Read Exodus 14:15-31

When is the last time you walked across a body of water on dry land? I imagine the walls of water standing beside us as if encased in glass. If you’ve ever encountered a flood or the devastation left behind, you know how powerful water can be. God’s power was greater. He was not through showing the people. He wanted there to be no doubt.

How about in your own life? Have you made it through something that seemed unsurmountable at the time, but miraculously you got through it? I think of our move abroad. When I walked around a house full of memories and “things” I had a difficult time imagining how we could get it all packed and moved. After collecting a lifetime of treasures, we had to decide what made the cut and what we would be donating or trying to sell. We prayed ourselves through the process. God continued to open doors (part the waters) for us at every turn.

I’m sure you can recall a time in your life when God made a way for you. Maybe you’re on that path right now. Maybe you’re facing a fear at this very moment wondering how God is going to rescue you. Remember to ask him, and remember to listen to his reply. Be watching for his rescue, too. His angels may be disguised in a cloud.

There are so many things going on in today’s reading. Was there a verse or two that struck a chord with you? Please share in the comments. I do have a bit of “housekeeping” to share. We always hear about Moses and the Israelites crossing the “Red Sea.” The Hebrew text actually refers to it as the “Sea of Reeds.” When you refer to a map of Egypt and the region in question, it is more likely the crossing happened at the north end of where the Red Sea is, a swampy area referred to as the Sea of Reeds.

That’s not to say that God’s miracle is any less fantastic. The outcome is what’s important. God made a statement. He was definitely protecting his people from the Egyptians. And, he was exerting his power to obtain the people’s trust once again. The “WOW factor” was really something. God works in mighty ways because he wants our undivided attention.

Have you been distracted lately? Are you feeling separated from God for some reason? Is God trying to get your attention? How can you change things up to be more obedient? God wants to spend time with you. He wants you to embrace his power.

In today’s text we read, “When the people of Israel saw the mighty power that the Lord had unleashed against the Egyptians, they were filled with awe before him. They put their faith in the Lord and in his servant Moses.” It can be easy to get stuck just going through the motions. It then becomes all that much harder to break free of those chains and experience the freedom God intends for you. We see how God yearns to be involved in the lives of his people.

Take some time today to imagine God’s power at work in today’s Bible account. Picture yourself there. How do you feel?

Let’s pray. Lord I feel empowered and energized, ready to see you at work in my life and my business. You have brought us to this place, and in obedience I wait for you. Help me feel peace and contentment while I wait. May I not hesitate to move when you give the word. Bring the people to me that need a word from you, a hope for their future. Together we can help them. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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