1 Peter 1:13-25 – Holy Living

Read 1 Peter 1:13-25

God has chosen you and set you apart to do mighty things. You may not feel all that special, and you might wonder what you could ever do to make a difference. I know, because I’ve questioned, too. I have never felt worthy to be used by God. However, when he does use me, there is no better feeling of accomplishment. My life matters. My purpose was for moments like those. Then I ask, how can I make more of them happen? When will God use me again?

The important thing is to never stop serving. We must seek holiness, and God will set us up for success in the kingdom. His word is clear. “You must be holy because I am holy.”  We can often fall back into our old habits, so we need to take care to not do that. We have seen and felt what being holy feels like. We should never want that feeling to go away. Yet some stray. It’s inevitable. Even though we know better now.

So why do we stray? Distractions can really play havoc with our faith. These diversions can come in many different forms: vacation, illness, stressful job, etc. The evil one is waiting for those distractions to pull us away from our power source. We need to stay connected to the body of Christ, meeting with other Christians regularly to encourage. We need to be in worship continually with our bodies. When we do these things because of our trust and devotion to the God who saved us, our earthly life will be as God intended. Holy.

Does living the holy life mean we live a problem-free life? Absolutely not. Sorry to say. That problem-free, no-stress, everything’s sunny kind of a life is what we’re living for. We are living for eternity with God.

So for the here and now,  we need to acknowledge that troubles and trials will come. When we rely on the assurance our God is bigger than our problem–that is the faith we need to stay the course, living a holy life.

It’s really that simple. I know people try to complicate the truth. Jesus is the truth. When we rely on him, his strength and all the things he promises, we will make it through. Bumps and bruises along the way are inevitable, but our Healer is standing by.

Take time today to evaluate your holiness. Remember this is not a measured trait or ability. This is action by God. You see your holiness by how God is working inside you. Ask yourself, “How is God using me, my talents, my time, and my treasures to make a difference in his Name for those who do not yet know him?

Let’s pray. Father God, I am so thankful to you for the opportunities I see before me to serve you as you have intended. I am holy because you are holy. My holiness only comes from you and your presence inside me guiding me. Continue to guide me and redirect me when I take a wrong turn. I don’t want to be separated from you. I don’t want the evil one to get even close. May your powerful might be at work to protect me as I am holy. Bring those to us who we can help in spiritual and financial ways. I am forever grateful. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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