1 Kings 11:14-25 – Who The Lord Uses

Read 1 Kings 11:14-25

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This passage really makes us think about the people God uses to complete his plans. He is raising up Hadad the Edomite and Rezon son of Eliada. It was helpful to have the background stories for these individuals. They are certainly not “household names” that we are familiar with.

God’s plan was to bring adversaries into Solomon’s life. We’ll see how all of that plays out. In our last reading, we were told that God was going to rip the kingdom away from Solomon’s son, who would be King David’s grandson. Because of his promise to David, he will let the grandson remain in power, but he will split the kingdom in two.

I’m guessing that the adversarial nature of the involvement of Hadad and Rezon will set up nicely this change of power. In the meantime, Hadad and Rezon are going to be “over the moon” to finally get their revenge on the Israelites, on the descendant of their rival David.

As you read through how God is responding to Solomon’s sinfulness, don’t rush past it. Take a bit of time to realize that even though Solomon looked like he had it all together, he didn’t. Who was he pleasing? Was that a good idea?

Do you ever wonder in your own life who God may be using to either teach and rebuke or bless you? In the moment, it’s not always easy to recognize. But looking back on my life, I can see pivotal times and particular people who made a difference. Was God using them? I’d like to think so.

With our children spread out around the globe, it is often my prayer that God will bring people into their lives who will help guide and support them. I know other people do this, too, as it was shared recently in a prayer group I’m part of. We all want what’s best for our children, and even if they’re grown it still “takes a village” to make sure they are surrounded by a support system.

What if we prayed to be “that” person that God uses to make a difference? What if we unknowingly were helping someone right now because of how we live or advice we’ve given. How does that make you feel? For me, whether I realize it or not, I am always hoping that something I say or do will strike a chord with someone. I’ve endured a lot of pain in my life, and if the fact that God has rescued me can help someone else have hope, how cool is that?

Take some time today to reflect on your journey of faith. Who are the key players? Are you still in touch with them? Are you ready for a new assignment? Ask.

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Let’s pray…
Lord, you know my heart and my struggle and how I miss my children. Thank you for the people you raise up and bring into their lives. I also pray that I can be that support and blessing for others I am in proximity to. Help me to listen intently for your voice and the call you have on my life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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