Joshua 12:1-24 – Let’s Recap

Read Joshua 12:1-24

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We probably don’t recognize a lot of the territories mentioned in today’s reading. Of course, names like Jericho and Jerusalem are more commonly mentioned, and David served as Pastor at Bethel Lutheran. But what about the thirty or so other towns, both east and west of the Jordan, that we can’t even pronounce? Are they important?

They are important to the extent they are part of God’s victory and fulfillment of his promise. I don’t think we’ll be tested on this in heaven. However, the sheer magnitude of what we have witnessed through the pages of Scripture should amaze us. When we can get past the brutality of what had to happen and look to the underlying love and power of God, this whole recap takes on new meaning.

It’s important in life to take account of what’s happening. Sure, we could go through life footloose and fancy free not paying attention to anything. I’m pretty sure that kind of life would not last very long. We have responsibilities and duties as human beings created by God. You may say our infancy and toddlerhood was the extent of our “free” living.

Once we started school, the progression or journey through life began. If you’re like me, as a child you were always looking forward to the next milestone. I couldn’t wait until I got my braces off, then it was getting my driver’s license, being legal to vote and drink, getting married, having a job, buying a house, having children, having grandchildren, retiring, having fun, returning back to God.

Along the way, we’ve probably made some corrections. Why? Because we did a recap of what was happening and realized we were off track. God walks with us during this journey. We should be asking him along the way for his guidance. And then we should listen to him. He knows what’s best. He knows how to have victory!

In business, it’s the same thing. I can remember who the law partners met every week to review what was happening. This act of being alert will help us be prepared for what is coming. Now in our own business, we meet weekly for goal setting. After each promotion or launch, we invite our business partners to join in as well to offer feedback. Looking to recap an event is always a good thing to measure your success.

How is this speaking to you today? Have you taken an account of your own life, where you’ve been, what’s important, what’s coming next, what you’ve achieved, as well those dreams you can only imagine right now? Take some time today to reflect on your life’s journey. Thank God for all of the victories you see. Ask him for his guidance from this day forward, and then be ready to see God’s hand working in your life to further his kingdom on earth.

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Let’s pray… Lord, forgive me when I focus on my fears of how something is going to work out rather than giving it to you to handle. Thank you for how you calm my fears and bring peace to my heart. Walk with me and guide my steps. Use me to help others find you and put their trust in you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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