Exodus 40:1-38 – It is Completed (For Now)

Read Exodus 40:1-38

The earthly tabernacle is now complete. Moses has erected what has been constructed from what was given. It is finished on the first day of the new year. God’s timing was again perfect. The book of Exodus now ends with great promise and hope. The people wanted to know that God was with them. His presence is now obvious as a visible reminder in the cloud.

Despite their wayward hearts and rebellious ways, God still loves the Israelites. He wants to give them every opportunity for success. He wants that for us, too. These verses also give us a good role model to follow. Moses continually did everything “just as the Lord had commanded him.” You can’t go wrong when you do that. We get in trouble when we try to be God or do things our way and not God’s way.

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Exodus 36:8-39:43 – Building God’s Plan

Read Exodus 36:8-39:43

This was a long reading today. I could have shortened it, but then we’d have a lot of the same over the next number of days. I usually read a passage and let it soak in to see what comes to me. I love that Scripture is alive and speaks to me. Today, I’m still figuring out the message. So if I ramble, I’m sorry.

What I can say is how very impressed I was by Bezalel. He was sure talented and gifted. Is there anything he can’t do? And this was not in the current day with all the fancy tools we have available. What were your impressions of him? I wondered how long it took for all of the construction. I imagine all of this was constructed over a number of weeks and months, maybe years. Just as soon as it seemed Bezalel was done with one project, there was more.

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Exodus 35:25-36:7 – It Takes a Village

Read Exodus 35:25-36:7

We’ve heard the phrase, “it takes a village” as it refers to how important it is to be in community with others. We all have something to give. God made us that way. Projects often don’t get completed without everyone pitching in.

God didn’t design us to be alone but to be surrounded by others who love, support, and help us. We are that support to others and sometimes don’t even realize it. When we act out God’s calling on our lives, we are more than likely helping someone with their “village.” When we get involved with projects at church and share our time and experience, we are definitely being part of a “village.”

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Exodus 35:1-24 – Give to the Lord

Read Exodus 35:1-24

We see again the importance of Sabbath rest. A day of complete rest dedicated to the Lord. Those who work are to be put to death. To me, this is a pretty serious command. While in the New Testament we see Jesus “working, the difference is his work was to give God the glory. Again, I feel compelled to do a better job with my Sabbath rest. There is something so refreshing about setting all work aside for 24 hours. If you’ve never tried it, you should. Let me know how it feels for you.

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Exodus 34:1-35 – New Tablets

Read Exodus 34:1-35

I had to chuckle with God’s first instruction to Moses. He recognized that Moses had “smashed” the first stone tablets God had written on to give the people his law. I’m not sure what kind of a job “chiseling” new tablets would be, but I’m sure it wasn’t as simple as grabbing a new piece of paper. Moses had a bit of a task to be prepared for his next visit with God.

Moses was truly blessed to have been allowed into the presence of God. To be surrounded by God’s glorious presence was quite an honor. I loved how God described himself in those verses: full of compassion and mercy, slow to anger, filled with unfailing love and faithfulness. It wasn’t just for those folks, it was for a thousand generations! God would forgive but not excuse the guilty.

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