1 Kings 22:29-53 – We Can’t Hide From God

Read 1 Kings 22:29-53

A broken mask with a big blue eye looking out

I thought it was fitting that Ahab would think that he could disguise himself and be safe. I suppose if his biggest fear was the enemy troops, then he had a chance. But Ahab couldn’t conceal himself from God. God had all along been angry with Ahab. Despite Ahab’s attempts to repent, his heart was still clearly playing for the opposing team.

How fitting that a “random” arrow hit the disguised king just perfectly between the armor protection. Ahab could not escape God’s judgment. Sadly, his son will follow in his footsteps for a short two-year reign.

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1 Kings 22:1-28 – What Does the Lord Say?

Read 1 Kings 22:1-28

girl praying

United again, we see the kings of Israel and Judah coming together for a common goal. The king of Israel needed some help in recapturing a town and asked the king of Judah to help. Jehoshaphat was happy to assist, but before he fully committed, I liked how he said, “But first let’s find out what the LORD says.”

That should be our “knee-jerk reaction” as well when facing a new task or undertaking. How often do we stop and take time to ask God? If we ask, do we wait for a response or just push forward? God’s timing isn’t always the same as ours. We hope for a quick and clear response. It doesn’t always happen that way.

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1 Kings 21:1-29 – What A Nasty Wife!

Read 1 Kings 21:1-29

Jezebel is just nasty! I’m sure in her eyes, she thinks she’s being a good wife. What a disillusioned thought! From God’s perspective anyway. I certainly try to keep that perspective guiding my life. It’s not always easy with all the distractions of a crafty enemy!

Here’s another example of how Ahab passively acts in rebellion to God. He has very sinful motives and desires, yet he doesn’t need to act on all of them. He has a nasty wife to do his dirty work. From the sounds of it, she is pretty controlling. Ahab has learned over time to let her do her thing. It’s easier than trying to control her.

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1 Kings 20:23-43 – Deal or No Deal?

Read 1 Kings 20:23-43

shaking hands

There’s a striking message for us in the “meanwhile.” I was a little perplexed at first reading, wondering what the story of the prophet’s black eye had to do with anything. I did a little digging so that I’d understand better the dynamics of the story. I’m glad I did.

We know from our last reading that God’s message to Ahab was to be ready for a second attack. Ahab knew that it was his duty to destroy the enemy. So why didn’t he? Why did he show mercy to his “brother,” Ben-hadad?

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1 Kings 20:1-22 – Never Abandoned

Read 1 Kings 20:1-22

girl walking down a road into fog, with her back to us,

God loves the people of Israel, doesn’t he? He also wants to make a point to King Ahab. We know this king to be notoriously drawn to idols and false gods. Ahab has also been a weak authority figure, seemingly involved in the happenings around him, but from a distance.

What surprised me was Ahab’s response to the negotiations. He was willing to give in and hand over his wives, children, gold, and silver. I suppose this makes sense when you think about his weak character. It wasn’t until greater demands followed that Ahab’s elders cautioned him.

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