2 Samuel 13:1-22 – Not Yours

Read 2 Samuel 13:1-22

What happens when we take things that don’t belong to us? There are usually consequences. We have yet to see what will happen to Amnon for his horrible behavior in this reading. Having been sexually abused myself earlier in my life, I truly hope that Tamar is able to receive some justice here.

For now, we see that Amnon has “gotten away” with his horrible deed. I feel so for Tamar as the innocent victim. Talk about blindsided! The last thing on Tamar’s mind when helping her brother in his time of “illness” was to protect her virtue. But now Amnon had taken her purity, and Tamar was now “damaged” goods in the eyes of potential suitors.

Tamar had pleaded with Amnon to simply ask their father for permission to marry her. That would have been the smart way to have his way with her. From offering that request, we see Tamar was not opposed to being “with” him. She was simply wanting to make it “right.” Amnon was too blinded by his lust for her.

Have you ever felt such a desire for something that wasn’t yours? Maybe it was a toy your friend was playing with. Maybe it was a woman (or man) that belonged to a friend that looked alluring. From this reading, we can clearly see that having lustful desires for something is not a new thing that only we struggle with.

How do you cope with those yearnings? Do you give in, or do you simply fixate on them? Don’t fool yourself and say that you have never wanted something that wasn’t yours.

We can set ourselves up for disappointment if we believe we are “entitled” to something that isn’t ours. God has gifted us with so many blessings. Why do we always push the limit and want more?

Take some time today to think about what things are distracting you from a more meaningful relationship with God. Chances are you will think of the things that are desirable and will give you pleasure. When you truly reflect, you will realize these things will also leave you empty and wanting more.

praying hands looking up

Let’s pray …Lord, forgive me for those times that I lust for things that distract me from you. Help me to focus on the many blessings that surround me. Guard my heart from looking to the wrong sources for my fulfilment and joy. Fill me with your grace and peace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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