Exodus 28:1-43 – Dress Up

Read Exodus 28:1-43

Today’s reading is all about honor and dignity. God has chosen Aaron and his sons to be priests. They will be set apart from the rest of the people to have access to God. Moses has been the only one up to now with direct communication with God.

Going forward with the tabernacle and all the elements in place, God is appointing key leaders to be able to enter the holy parts of the tabernacle. God is prescribing the clothing they must wear. It is described as royal garments to enter the presence of God. He is also to wear it when ministering to the people.

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Exodus 27:1-21 – Meet With and Listen for God

Read Exodus 27:1-21

We read more today about God’s plans for his tabernacle and the items contained therein. I am amazed at the detail and how important this is to have been included in God’s will. If you haven’t watched the video from yesterday’s reflection (Exodus 26) you should do that now.

All of God’s word is inspired by him. I often wonder why certain things are included. I have to remember that I am just one person in a HUGE history of Bible readers, and there will be generations to come. Not every passage will have a meaning for me. But today’s reading was relevant to the people who were first meeting God in the tabernacle. God didn’t want to be honored in just any old place. He was making it reverent. It was to be an intentional space to meet God.

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Exodus 26:1-37 – Why a Tabernacle?

Read Exodus 26:1-37

I thought the furnishings were elaborate. The tabernacle was also a work of art. Why did God prescribe a tabernacle? My guess, and I could be all wrong, was to meet the people where they were. God wanted a relationship with his people, so he needed to be there. He needed to present the people with a tangible place and items that they would recognize as God’s. He didn’t want them to worship those things, but worship Him alone.

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Exodus 25:1-40 – Get Ready for God’s Presence

Read Exodus 25:1-40

The Lord had a message for Moses. He was designing the first church building, or tabernacle. It was to be a place to recognize and worship God. A sanctuary for God so he could dwell among the people. We’ve called our churches today the “house of God.” Yet we realize that God is everywhere. He doesn’t need to be contained to do his work. It’s for us. We want to be able to imagine him in our midst. Having a place for God helps us.

God was very clear in his instructions to Moses. There were very particular things he felt important to be part of his “house” or tabernacle. Of utmost importance was “The Ark.” Not to be confused with the big boat that Noah made to save his family and the animals from destruction. This was a chest to hold the Testimony or law God would give. This would be a holy box. Its design was to be magnificent.

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Exodus 24:1-18 – Covenant Made

Read Exodus 24:1-18

We don’t use the word covenant all that frequently in conversation these days. It is more of a legal word describing an agreement between parties to a contract. But we do use a similar word, promise. As I understand it, the covenant God made with his people is a very strong promise meant to bring about a committed relationship. God was promising to care and provide, and the people were to obey his commands.

As you imagine what was happening when this first covenant was made, what do you see? I see hoards of people milling about doing their daily tasks, and I see leadership trying to keep the peace. God gave Moses the vision, and he was providing daily sustenance to the people. In return, God wanted them to desire a relationship with him.

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